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If you are itching to experience life abroad as more than a tourist as part of your gap year, college years, or post-college life but cannot find any options that are financially possible, then you've come to the right place!

Once you discover these same resources and skills that enabled me to live abroad for four years FOR FREE you will feel prepared to begin your adventure abroad. 

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Where I share stories, cultural norms, and travel tips to make it easier for you to jump right into your new country. 

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My online courses where I teach you how you can experience your own adventure living abroad for free. 

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Free travel inspo to help you understand more about amazing opportunities that can take you abroad. 

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I was absolutely DYING to travel in high school, but I didn't have the luxury of having a few thousand dollars at my disposal.

So I figured out a way to do it for free. 

At nineteen, I boarded my first plane when I moved to Europe for a semester. A year later I moved back to Europe, then the Caribbean, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean again... 

The list of countries I had been to, cultures I had experienced, and languages I had learned kept growing while my bank account pretty much stayed the same. 

Then people I knew started asking me to help them do what I did. And then it hit me! There are so many people out there dreaming of travel. Their travel dreams are tantalizing because they feel that those dreams are just out of their financial reach.

That was the beginning of More Than The Tourist, where I now teach the resources and skills I used that made it possible for me to travel for free. 

I blog. 

I write. 

I share stories of all my adventures around the world.

I plan a new trip every once in a while ;).

And I get a thrill every time I help someone else have their own adventure living abroad as more than the tourist. 

I'm so glad you're here!